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Recreational Classes.


Here at Evergreen we have a variety of structured classes to achieve whatever goal you or your athletes have. We value small student to instructor ratios to ensure all athletes get the attention and safety focus they need. Please contact us to get the latest updates so we can work with you and your athlete on your scheduling needs.



Level 1.

Level 2.

The young gymnast will be taught the building blocks needed to attain basic gymnastic skills on all events. Open to gymnasts as young as 2 1/2 years old, as long as a guardian or parent can help assist their athlete through the class.

This class introduces school age children to the basics of gymnastics, building a solid foundation for further skills.

Here the gymnast continues to build strength, skill and confidence while achieving greater aptitude on each event.


Advanced Recreational.

Gymnasts are guided through all events at their own rate and skill level. A great building block for those who want to compete in high school gymnastics!


Fitness For Fun.

This class is DDA approved. Individuals with respite care qualify. Ages 9+. The is a class that focuses on motor skills, functional movement, and overall fitness while having fun.

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