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Our Story.

Evergreen Gymnastics came about from a simple idea: to be the coaches and influence we needed as we developed in our youth. Now 10 years into our journey, we have been fortunate to be a cornerstone in Spokane as a positive energy to our athletes and their families. We call our customers "Evergreen Family" for a reason; together our community is much more than the sum of our parts.


No matter the background our coaches all have a desire to empower and develop athletes from all walks of life to be the best versions of themselves. While many programs accommodate a larger client base, we feel here at Evergreen that smaller, detailed coaching benefits our athletes long term. We want to ensure every one is given the proper attention and care which can be lost when class ratios grow too high.

We have a responsibility to provide a means for our community to be healthy physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally. Why we do it will never change. How we do it together depends on your goals.

Our Team.

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