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How we build competitors.

At Evergreen we start all of our athletes on the USA Gymnastics Xcel competitive track before we eventually transition to Junior Olympic optionals (Level 6 and above). We do this for several reasons:

1. It allows athletes who are still developing and changing to adapt their routines and skills to their strengths, rather than forcing them to compete a standard array of skills.

2. We feel a stronger sense of camaraderie amongst the teams as all our similar skills groups compete together, opposed to separating into several smaller teams.

3. Gymnastics is meant to be fun, and most athletes do this for love of the sport. They will remember how the sport and memories made them feel more than what they scored.


Allowing them to choose their own music and relieve pressure early in their careers can alleviate the stress and burn out in the sport. If they wish to take it to the elite/collegiate level, then we as a staff are ready to make that happen. But until then, let the athletes enjoy their sport!

If you ever have any questions, never hesitate to call and ask. We're an open book in our club.

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